User Reference: Version History 5.0

Version 5.0.2: 15-May-2019

Bug 3773: When trying to log into Gmail again the app no longer hangs.
Bug 3805: Fixed a bug with registration for the Pro version.
Bug 3808: Fixed another problem with quarantine removal.
Bug 3811: A mail with a specific PDF attachment no longer causes a hang/crash.

Version 5.0.1: 11-Apr-2019

Bug 3768: Fixed a SaxParseException Invalid character 0x1F when writing data to Filemaker.
Bug 3776: Fixed an IOException when doing registration.
Bug 3780: The application quits again when running a schedule.
Bug 3785: Remove xattr when installing application.
Bug 3786: Fixed an UnsupportedFormatException when getting accounts for Postbox.
Bug 3787: The check for the Filemaker scripts wasn't updated.
Bug 3789: Fixed a message "Error with the archive".
Bug 3790: The preview for PDFs are now shown when sips is active.
Bug 3791: Fixed a NilObjectException when moving mails to the trash.
Bug 3793: Transparent PNG files are not longer shown without mask.
Bug 3794: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when drawing an attachment.
Bug 3796: The Installer no longer shows a date of 1903/1904 when installing in Translocation mode.
Bug 3803: Fixed an error message without error when moving mails to the trash.

Version 5.0.0: 18-Mar-2019

Feature 3753: Removed the error message for timeout when downloading external content.
Bug 3741: Fixed a failed Assertion CGDataProviderForDestination when creating a preview for a PDF file.
Bug 3743: Fixed a problem with a wrong date in 2023.
Bug 3745: Exporting to Valentina no longer crashes with exception "table mailbox not found".
Bug 3746: Exporting to Valentina no longer has an VException "The link "Link_2" refuses operation.".
Bug 3747: For Postbox the imap status wasn't correctly shown.
Bug 3748: Fixed a KeyNotFoundException when getting password for Gmail.
Bug 3750: Improved handling of username when resetting trial.
Bug 3751: Year of mail was not parse correctly again.
Bug 3752: Internal received lines not recognized.
Bug 3754: Icon for 5er license now shown correctly.
Bug 3755: Archiving mails to Filemaker is not longer very slow for mails with previews.
Bug 3756: Filemaker is no longer confused with Parallels.
Bug 3757: Fixed an unsupportedFormatException when exporting to Filemaker.
Bug 3764: Relative paths in Postpox preferences were not recognized.
Bug 3765: Mails with wrong timezone had wrong date.
Bug 3766: Empty attachments are no longer written to the database.

Version 5.0.0beta3: 4-Mar-2019

Bug 3687: Fixed borders around attachments for some mails.
Bug 3709: Fixed a NilObjectException when loading data in the main window.
Bug 3713: Html for Apple Watch wasn't recognized.
Bug 3714: Inline html was added as attachment.
Bug 3715: Fixed a MimeException when parsing mail.
Bug 3716: Improved timeout for download of external resources.
Bug 3719: Removed white space for mail text.
Bug 3720: PDF Preview was missing.
Bug 3728: Mail showed dark grey on black.
Bug 3729: Data was not reloaded when cancelling move to trash.
Bug 3731: DarkMode for some mails was not correct.
Bug 3733: Drag picture not drawn correctly when dragging mail to another mailbox for Dark Mode.
Bug 3735: Mail body not decoded for some mails.
Bug 3736: Inline images not shown for some mails.
Bug 3737: Text was shown as quoted that isn't.
Bug 3739: Fixed a NilObjectException when archiving a mailbox.
Bug 3740: Fixed a hang when getting an export folder.

Version 5.0.0beta2: 15-Feb-2019

Feature 3677: Added encryption warning about loss of power.
Feature 3698: Getting list of files now much faster on APFS.
Bug 3668: Fixed a hard crash when selecting 50k and moving them to the trash.
Bug 3674: Google Analytics was not deselectable.
Bug 3675: Fixed an InvalidArgumentException when making a preview for a mail.
Bug 3676/3691: Fixed several MimeExceptions when splitting a mail into parts.
Bug 3678: Uninstaller was not signed.
Bug 3679: Fixed a NilObjectException when parsing an attachment.
Bug 3680: Registration for all users didn't work.
Bug 3681: Fixed a NilObjectException in the main window.
Bug 3682: Fixed a InvalidArgumentException when downloading external resources.
Bug 3684: Fixed hard crashes for Valentina.
Bug 3685: Made better error message when the Index can't be deleted.
Bug 3688: Export of attachment with umlaut screwed up the encoding of the attachment.
Bug 3694: Fixed a Memory leak when archiving a large mbox file.
Bug 3695: There is no longer a delay after exporting mails.
Bug 3700: Inline images weren't parsed correctly.
Bug 3701: Selecting a lot of mails no longer shows the pizza of death.
Bug 3702: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when downloading external resources.
Bug 3703: Mime type for a mail didn't fit to content disposition.
Bug 3706: Mail part that is just an attachment wasn't parsed.
Bug 3708: Making a preview for an image with width = 0 failed.

Version 5.0.0beta1: 4-Feb-2019

Feature 392: It's now possible to encrypt a local archive.
Feature 394: With a key combo it's possible to delete the preferences when starting the app.
Feature 1244: Parser: Inline attachments are now loaded in the email preview.
Feature 1309: Parser: Added support for RFC2231 (complex attachmen names).
Feature 2302: Added icons for Inbox, Sent in mailbox selection window.
Feature 2396: Parser: Added preview for html attachments.
Feature 2417: When installing show if app already installed.
Feature 2847: Replaced Stathat with Google Analytics for app statistics.
Feature 3127: Added check for free space during export.
Feature 3144: Added export format vdb.
Feature 3226: Made mailboxes more visible for pdf format.
Feature 3401: Archiving small files from mbox no longer is rather slow.
Feature 3417: Added proper uninstaller.
Feature 3446: Updated again to Kaju 2. Now uses asynchronous checking.
Feature 3447: Added "Open and dump" for Database menu.
Feature 3462: Added check for header count.
Feature 3476: Added buttons for selecting/deselecting all mailboxes in the mailbox selection area.
Feature 3492: Added check for App Translocation.
Feature 3493: Made better error messages for updater: "updater failed, error: ".
Feature 3494: Made better label for "Print subject in Header".
Feature 3497: Added translation to print templates.
Feature 3499: Improved unicode searching.
Feature 3508: Made updater work in scheduler.
Feature 3511: Made server work without index helper.
Feature 3512: For the server only image previews are loaded into the interface.
Feature 3518: Removed option to add subject to pdf header.
Feature 3524: Parser: Added option to reparse data.
Feature 3564: The documents folder no longer is selected as default when exporting.
Feature 3565: Added a progress when MAX is checking the files in the export folder.
Feature 3581: Data was not being deleted from SQLite when mailbox is deleted.
Feature 3587: Improved path of mailbox in progress window.
Feature 3591: Parser: Tracking pixels are not being downloaded.
Feature 3592: Changed context menu of html viewer pictures.
Feature 3603: Replaced MacFileOperationMBS.MoveObjectToTrashSync with newer API
Feature 3619: Parser: Added previews for pdfs.
Feature 3626: The html preview now uses document icons.
Feature 3627: Parser: Made better quotes for plain text mails.
Feature 3628: Added support for proxy when sending emails.
Feature 3631: Added support for Dark Mode in Mojave.
Feature 3632: Use calendar days for trial time.
Feature 3661: Added progress when emptying the trash in the viewer.
Feature 3665: Added progress for moving mails to the trash in the viewer.
Bug 1403: Parser: Mails no longer have an empty body in some cases.
Bug 1803: Parser: Fixed a problem where the email only shows odd characters.
Bug 1975: Parser: Emails are now assembled correctly for complex emails.
Bug 2078: Parser: Fixed a problem with = in attachment name not showing correctly.
Bug 2633: Parser: Attachment preview is no longer missing in some cases.
Bug 2929: Parser: Header is now correctly cut into lines always.
Bug 3099: Parser: Attachment names are now always parsed correctly.
Bug 3402: Fixed a problem with emails without message id not read.
Bug 3403: Long mailbox names no longer are painted over the checkboxes in the Setup.
Bug 3404: Parser: Fixed problems wth umlauts in subject.
Bug 3422: About window can't be shown anymore when archiving.
Bug 3427: Fixed a problem when cancelling a filter operation.
Bug 3428: It's possible again to archive only Trash and Spam.
Bug 3448: Parser: Attachment names are now parsed correctly for some edge cases.
Bug 3451: Parser: Subject from some emails no longer show a diamond character.
Bug 3452: The import folder number is shown correctly when archiving mbox to pdf.
Bug 3458: Mailbox exclusion wasn't working properly in some cases.
Bug 3496: There is no longer a ThreadAlreadyRunningException when getting Evernote notebooks.
Bug 3498: The error report window now shows up when there is an exception in the Scheduler.
Bug 3501: Parser: Fixed a problem with emails not being searchable in some cases.
Bug 3503: Parser: Fixed a problem with email dates not being correct.
Bug 3505: Parser: Attachment name wasn't parsed correctly.
Bug 3513: Added a progress for reindexing.
Bug 3531: Emails weren't being deleted for Mail.
Bug 3545: Print and Export from the toolbar were enabled without having an email selected.
Bug 3554: Fixed a problem with duplicate mailboxes in the list of mailboxes.
Bug 3554: It's no longer possible to have mailboxes with the same name and different case.
Bug 3570: Accounts in the Setup are now sorted naturally.
Bug 3578: Added a fieldname check to the Preferences.
Bug 3583: The result of a drag for mailbox was not correct in all cases.
Bug 3588: The preferences for Postbox and Thunderbird are now read with the correct encoding.
Bug 3597: A newer Api is now used for drawing attachment previews.
Bug 3601: The Time Remaining window no longer can be shown twice.
Bug 3604: After cancelling export to Filemaker the import folder wasn't deleted.
Bug 3611: After closing archive the window name in the window menu no longer is empty.
Bug 3614: StatusItem wasn't properly updated when a mailbox was dragged to Views.
Bug 3615: List of mailboxes was screwed up when drag reorder was not possible.
Bug 3618: AbsolutePaths aren't used for Outlook anymore.
Bug 3621: Fixed a problem with mailboxes with having duplicate names.
Bug 3622: Fixed a wrong message when creating an IMAP account.
Bug 3634: The fonts weren't changed correctly.
Bug 3646: The helper app for Evernote is no longer missing.
Bug 3654: A mail date with 2 digits wasn't parsed correctly.
Bug 3667: Language not reset when changing back to default.
Bug 3672: There is no longer an error message about a "Problem writing attachment xxx to Filemaker" when the memory of Filemaker goes over 1 GB.

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