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Mail Archiver X can export existing archives to the following formats: Evernote, Filemaker, MBOX, PDF, RTF and text. The different options for the archival formats are described below.

Click on the Export button. Then select if you want to export the complete database, the current mailbox, the current mailbox and it's submailboxes or the selected mails. For technical reasons not all export formats are available all the time. Evernote only works for the current selection.

Export archive or selected mails

For MBOX, PDF, RTF and Text you can now set the export folder in the Export window instead of selecting the folder after clicking on the Export button.

Important: If you decide at any point in time not to use Mail Archiver X any longer you can access your raw data via the mbox export!

Options for Evernote:

See Setup.

Options for Filemaker:

See Setup.

Options for MBOX:

For MBOX you can only change the export folder.

Export your mails to mbox

Options for PDF:

See Setup.

Options for RTF:

Export your mails to rtf

RTF is a format that every word processor can read. There is an option, if you want to include the attachments in the export.

Options for Text:

Use this option, if you prefer your own archiving database.

Export your mails to csv format.

The output for Text export is tab delimited text. This is text, where one record is one row of data. Each field is separated from other fields with a tab. The row ends with a return. In the exported text every tab is replaced with the text "\tab" and a return with the text "\return". The encoding of the data can be set either to MacRoman or UTF8.

Version: 4.3.5
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