What is new for Mail Archiver X version 5?

Added support for Dark Mode in Mojave.

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You can encrypt and decrypt existing archives.

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A new Parser

The mail parser is one of the core parts of the application and makes the preview and the attachments of the mails.

The new parser is much much faster than before. In my testing I have seen archiving time 100% faster than before.

Images in the mail weren't shown at all in version 4. There was an extra attachment with the content of the image.

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Version 5 loads the inline images into the mail preview.

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In version 4 you could load the external images when you loaded the mail.

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But sometimes is necessary to preserve the mails as they were. Not all external images are available forever. Download and save everything into the mail with the new option "Download remote content".

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The most complex attachment names can now be handled correctly.

Image and PDF attachments are shown inline with the mail. All other attachments have a clickable document preview.

Simple mails have nicer quotes.

Screwed up umlauts can be recovered. A typical example is "Mit freundlichen Grüssen" which is "Mit freundlichen Grüssen".

All new features except the speed are not available automatically for existing mails. Use Reparse and Reparse/Download Remote Content in the Database menu to update your mails.

And the rest

  • Added support for sending emails when there is a proxy.
  • Added progress when reindexing and checking existing PDF files.
  • The documents folder no longer is selected as default when exporting.
  • Added icons for Inbox, Sent in mailbox selection window.
  • Replaced Stathat with Google Analytics for app statistics.
  • Added check for free space during export.
  • Added export format vdb.
  • Added proper uninstaller.
  • Added buttons for selecting/deselecting all mailboxes in the mailbox selection area.
  • Improved unicode searching.
  • Made server work without index helper.
  • For the server only image previews are loaded into the interface.

Version: 5.0.2
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