Introduction: How do I use Mail Archiver X?

The easiest way to use Mail Archiver is with the Wizard to add an email client or IMAP account to archiving. Select if you want to add an email client or an IMAP account. The first step in the Wizard is the selection of the email client or the data of the new IMAP account. In the second step you select the mailboxes. The third step is the main data format.

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The Wizard doesn't give you access to all existing features. Just the most important ones. If you want to edit what you have entered then go to the Setup. Select an Email Client for archival and the mailboxes:

Supported email clients

Or enter the information from one of your IMAP accounts:

Imap settings

Go to the third tabsheet "Data format" where you can select your main format: Evernote, Filemaker, Internal Database (Valentina - a fast database by Paradigma Software) or PDF. You can always export your data to another format when you archive to Internal Database.

Select the data format

There are quite a few more options. But these are needed to get started for archiving. Close the window.

Now click on the Archive button in the toolbar.

Version: 4.3.5
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