User Reference: Version History

Version 4.1.1: 31-Oct-2017

Bug 3275/3281/3284: Fixed several errors when selecting a mail client in the Setup window for High Sierra.
Bug 3277: Fixed a problem where the text part of a mail was missing.
Bug 3278: Fixed a problem where chinese characters where mixed with the original data.
Bug 3279: Fixed a problem with searching.
Bug 3280: Fixed a VException -5000 when doing a dump.
Bug 3283: Added some checks when opening Setup and Evernote is not on computer.
Bug 3285: Fixed an error -10000 "AppleEvent handler failed" when archiving.
Bug 3286: Fixed a problem with loading mail data for Filemaker.
Bug 3293: Filemaker no longer asks for attachment when the attachment name has a ' or a / in the name.

Version 4.1: 18-Sep-2017

Feature 3201: The default font is now correct for High Sierra for German locale.
Feature 3204: Increased the timeout when opening an archive after crashing.
Bug 3187: Fixed a hard crash when writing data to Filemaker.
Bug 3189: The first row is no longer selected in the list of mails after dragging mails to another mailbox.
Bug 3206: Fixed a NilObjectException when getting the selected mailboxes.
Bug 3216: Fixed a NilObjectException when loading the Evernote notebooks.
Bug 3222: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException for loading mailboxes.
Bug 3230: Fixed an error 13 when writing data to Evernote.
Bug 3240: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when showing mailboxes in the Setup window.
Bug 3248: Fixed a NilObjectException in the Archive thread.

Version 4.1 beta 4: 25-May-2017

Bug 3161: Fixed a KeyNotFoundException when trying to remove an account.
Bug 3164: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when selecting mails.
Bug 3165: Searching for attachments is now much faster.
Bug 3166: Opening an archive is now done much faster.
Bug 3172: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when showing the Setup window.
Bug 3173: Fixed an error -10000 when archiving from Mail.
Bug 3174: Fixed an OutOfMemoryException when selecting many mails.
Bug 3181: The PDF divider characters are now loaded also for German locale.
Bug 3182: The check for loading attachments for Exchange accounts in Mail is now showing correct results.
Bug 3186: Fixed a problem with the scheduler LaunchAgent file not being written when updating from version 4.

Version 4.1 beta 3: 17-Apr-2017

Feature 3145: Improved checksum data for archiving mails without message id.
Bug 3094: Fixed an error message "timeout" when trying to open older archive.
Bug 3141: Improved opening times for archives with many mailboxes.
Bug 3142: The LaunchAgent file wasn't installed properly.
Bug 3146: Fixed and UnsupportedFormatException when running the scheduler.
Bug 3148: Fixed a NilObjectException when getting a mail date.
Bug 3149: Fixed a hard crash when archiving to Filemaker.
Bug 3151: Loading attachments for Filemaker no longer takes very long.
Bug 3153: Fixed the message in the applog about "nothing archived" when archiving to new archive.
Bug 3154: Fixed an UnsupportedFormatException in ParseHeader.getMailTagsDate.
Bug 3155: After changing the sort order the mailboxes aren't closed anymore.
Changing the widths of the columns for the list of mails now works better.

Version 4.1 beta 2: 9-Mar-2017

Bug 3133: Fixed an error "attempt to write a readonly database" when writing to the index database.
Bug 3134: The app no longer crashes when an IMAP password has been entered incorrectly.
Bug 3135: The copyright has been corrected in the plist of the app.
Bug 3136: Fixed an error -1728 when archiving from Gmail with Mail.
Bug 3137: The Installer no longer fails when it can't install without password.

Version 4.1 beta 1: 25-Feb-2017

Feature 1340: Improved the selection for the list of mails.
Feature 2069: The list of mailboxes now has larger icons.
Feature 2221: There is now a Pro version with support for Valentina Server.
Feature 2408: Added support for MD5 authentication.
Feature 2436: The scheduler can now check for updates.
Feature 2505: Added a list of mime types for the file endings.
Feature 2640: When archiving Imap mail the account name is now added for the mailbox path.
Feature 2725: It's now possible to cancel the sending of error reports.
Feature 2735: Replaced DataGrid with DataView.
Feature 2740: A flush is now done of the archive when cancelling.
Feature 2742: A compact command has been added to the Database menu.
Feature 2753: Archival from Outlook is now done by mail and not by mailbox.
Feature 2754: Writing to Filemaker now uses precompiled AppleScripts everywhere.
Feature 2772: When doing a dump and cancelling the dump the archive is no longer closed.
Feature 2774: It's now possible to drag a trial license to the Preferences.
Feature 2775: The archive button now has a drop down button.
Feature 2776: The updater shows a message when no new version is available.
Feature 2778: There is now a message when there is nothing to archive.
Feature 2798: The default font now has a nicer name.
Feature 2807: Printing, PDF export and Evernote now check the Application Support folder for extra templates.
Feature 2808: Evernote can now use the same templates that are used for printing and PDF creation.
Feature 2810: Evernote titles are now customizable.
Feature 2811: Evernote is now a primary format.
Feature 2833: Improved the speed for getting mails out of Mail.
Feature 2876: It's now possible to delete the index file.
Feature 2928: Mails for the scheduler are now sent securely.
Feature 2936: The updater now can skip beta versions.
Feature 2939: Error messages when trying to log into an Imap account should now contain more detail.
Feature 2943: Added mailbox/mail to the progress window.
Feature 2952: When it's not possible to log into an account there is now an error message during archival.
Feature 2958: Improved the speed of checking for duplicate mails.
Feature 2972: The keychain entry is now deleted whenever an Imap account is deleted.
Feature 2976: An app log entry is added when an mbox file is skipped.
Feature 2981: Instead of selecting the export options and then selecting the location of the export this is now done in the Export window.
Feature 2982: The export to mbox can be cancelled again.
Feature 2987: When doing an mbox import the import is now done into a new main folder with the name "Import-xxx".
Feature 2989: The schedule email now contains more information about the computer/user name.
Feature 2996: The account/mail client name has been added to the app log.
Feature 3002: Improved the computer data for the session logs a bit.
Feature 3008: It's no longer possible to archive to the applications folder for Filemaker.
Feature 3015: Invisible directories are now excluded when archiving mbox files.
Feature 3019: When drawing the attachments the first bytes are now checked to make sure that the format is okay.
Feature 3027: Eudora was removed as email client
Feature 3034: Improved the texts for the wizard.
Feature 3035: The wizard is now showing a different text when the user is already registered.
Feature 3039: When Filemaker is the main format it's no longer possible to open a vdb file.
Feature 3122: Added memory information to the session logs.
Bug 2486: The list of mails is now showing mails with specific symbols correctly.
Bug 2761: If multiple Filemaker archives are open they are no longer mixed up when archiving.
Bug 2791: Improved the text for attachments that have no preview.
Bug 2792: The Setup now shows the full error message when no Filemaker archive is available.
Bug 2795: When cancelling the wizard the IMAP account is no longer created.
Bug 2796: When the date has already passed in the schedule show the next schedule data.
Bug 2797: When doing a diagnosis the progress window is no longer showing the mailbox numbers.
Bug 2802: When doing a drag reorder with a child mailbox for the list of mailboxes the hierarchy is no longer completed closed.
Bug 2804: When archiving in a date range of 01.02. - 10.02. the mails from the 1st are archived. But from the 10th are not. This has been made consistent.
Bug 2805: The installer not longer fails with the error message "can't create folder" when the user is not an administrator.
Bug 2813: Fixed a problem with the diagnosis not showing a result.
Bug 2838: Mails no longer are marked a read when archiving from Imap.
Bug 2843: Reverting the prefs now works again for the Setup.
Bug 2870: A mail with a specific Unicode trick no longer shows up with the subject ???uso?.
Bug 2885: For Thunderbird now empty mailboxes are shown, too.
Bug 2889: When clicking on the select button in the Data Format section of the Setup and then cancelling the selection then the default archive is shown and not the former selection.
Bug 2890: After deleting the prefs the Setup now shows the correct time for the next schedule.
Bug 2896: Fixed a problem for the selection of mailboxes with similar names.
Bug 2900: Selecting a larger number of mails is now much faster.
Bug 2901: When the connection to Mail is lost there are no longer 2 error messages.
Bug 2902: Made the options for PDF creation a bit clearer.
Bug 2903: Fixed a problem with the scheduler starting the wrong main app.
Bug 2906: The number of mails in the progress window is now more exact.
Bug 2917: Fixed a hard crash during diagnosis that showed up now and then.
Bug 2919: Fixed the "black windows" problem on newer versions of MacOS.
Bug 2924: The text in the update window now has enough space.
Bug 2925: The drag picture is now at the correct place again.
Bug 2926: The mask for the drag picture is now correct again.
Bug 2927: Fixed a NilObjectException when dragging mailboxes.
Bug 2930: Entourage is no longer selected in the Setup when showing the Setup the first time.
Bug 2933: It's no longer possible to click below the mail clients in Setup so that the listbox looses the selection.
Bug 2934: In some situations the listbox for the Imap accounts could open without selection.
Bug 2946: Fixed a ThreadAlreadyRunningException when checking the connection for an Imap account.
Bug 2955: Fixed a NilObjectException when reading blob data.
Bug 2956: Fixed a NilObjectException when closing the main window.
Bug 2957: Mails without a date no longer show up as "skipped duplicate".
Bug 2959: Fixed a problem with the progress window not updating correctly.
Bug 2964: When doing an export to text the attachments are exported again.
Bug 2974: There is now a better error message when the user quits Mail during archival.
Bug 2979: When only the active checkbox was change for a mail client in the Setup this is now saved, too.
Bug 2980: The wizard now saves the correct selection when archiving from a mail client again.
Bug 2983: When creating and immediately deleting an Imap account the account wasn't properly deleted.
Bug 2986: The file ending ".mbox" is stripped from the folder name when doing an mbox import.
Bug 2991: Both Sent and Sent Messages are now being imported.
Bug 2999: In some instances the scheduler wasn't running after a restart.
Bug 3003: The icon is now correct again for the scheduler.
Bug 3006: Mails weren't moved to the trash for Imap.
Bug 3009: Fixed a problem with the progress window.
Bug 3014: A couple of mails weren't recognized when doing an mbox import because some guy had title mania.
Bug 3016: The option "archive all mailboxes" wasn't not loaded correctly.
Bug 3030: Some translations weren't shown.
Bug 3031: Multiple help windows were shown.
Bug 3032: It wasn't possible to change the name of an Imap account with copy-and-paste.
Bug 3033: Data wasn't properly deleted from the index database.
Bug 3036: Added a message for the error "VException 460035 Table "message" not found".
Bug 3040: When restoring the prefs for the Setup Evernote is no longer started.
Bug 3050: Loading a dump no longer makes a hard crash.
Bug 3052: The text in the statusbar when the views mailbox can't be changed is now fully visible.
Bug 3055: Active wasn't saved in all cases for IMAP in the Setup.
Bug 3043: It's no longer possible to drag a mailbox into the views mailbox when the localization is set to German.
Bug 3060: When there is a problem with checking the open Filemaker files then there is now only one error message.
Bug 3062: Fixed an error -600 when archiving to Filemaker.
Bug 3064: Doing a clone no longer gives an error -43 in some cases.
Bug 3065: The search is now visible for the default size of the main window.
Bug 3066: Mails in the trash are not archived for iCloud accounts.
Bug 3067: The color field for MailTags no longer is too large.
Bug 3072: After cancelling archiving it wasn't possible to print.
Bug 3073: In some cases the encoding was incorrect when archiving from IMAP.
Bug 3074: Fixed an OutOfBoundsException when double clicking an attachment.
Bug 3075: Fixed an unhandled NilObjectException when sending a mail in the error report window.
Bug 3079: The mouse cursor shows up properly for splitter, buttons and DataView.
Bug 3088: Fixed an error -1728 when archiving from Outlook.
Bug 3120: When exporting the data the check for free space was done on the path for the archive and not for the export.
Bug 3123: Exporting mailboxes to Filemaker was very slow.

Version 4.0.4: 20-Feb-2017

Bug 3124: Fixed an IllegalCastException when saving Imap accounts after entering an incorrect password.
Bug 3126: The app icon in the installer was the wrong size for Retina screens.

Version 4.0.3: 15-Jan-2017

Feature 3080: Added segment size to database info.
Feature 3090: Added support for automatic graphics switching.
Bug 3037: ReceiverCC is again exported to Filemaker.
Bug 3056: Fixed an error when writing attachments to Filemaker.
Bug 3061: Fixed an error -1700 when getting header data from Mail
Bug 3091: Fixed a SAXParseException when exporting to Filemaker.
Bug 3098: Complex attachment name now longer shows spaces where no space should be.

Version 4.0.2: 3-Oct-2016

Feature 2995: Cloning now makes the segment size larger..
Feature 2997: The session logs are now deleted after 30 days instead of 7..
Bug 2988: Fixed a problem with the wrong "Sent" mailbox archived for Mail..
Bug 2992: Fixed a problem with the timestamp from MailTags not being archived..
Bug 2993: Fixed a problem with mails from mbox not imported coming from persons with long titles..
Bug 2998: Fixed an error -1728 when getting mailboxes for Entourage..
Bug 3000: Fixed an error -2741 when exporting to Filemaker..
Bug 3007: Fixed a NilObjectException when opening an archive from 3.2..
Bug 3011: Fixed a NilObjectException when parsing attachments..
Bug 3012: Fixed a hard crash when drawing attachments in Sierra..

Version 4.0.1: 15-Aug-2016

Bug 2942: Fixed problems with missing encodings.
Bug 2970: Installer and main app now show the same version.
Bug 2971: Fixed a memory leak which usually showed up as crashes in AppleScript during archiving.
Bug 2973: Fixed an error -1712 when moving mails to the trash for Mail.
Bug 2975: Fixed a NilObjectException when checking the archive size.
Bug 2978: Fixed a NilObjectException when saving the preferences for mailboxes.

Version 4.0: 29-Jul-2016

Feature 2953: After a scheduled archival Filemaker is now closed, too.
Feature 2967: There is now a nicer error message when the log in for IMAP doesn't work.
Bug 2966: When deleting mails the index is now properly updated, too.

Version 4.0 beta 5: 17-Jul-2016

Feature 2951: Add a comment to the app log when it's not possible to log into an IMAP account.
Bug 2864: Fixed another problem when reimporting into Mail.
Bug 2916: Fixed a problem with the progress window not showing correct information.
Bug 2920: There is no longer a KeyNotFoundException when changing the name of an IMAP account.
Bug 2938: Fixed a KeyNotFoundException when an error in an AppleScript occurred.
Bug 2940: Large databases no longer show the error "EOF reached" in certain situations.
Bug 2941: Fixed a problem of the installer when checking if Mail Archiver is running.
Bug 2950: MAX no longer crashes if it can't write the data for the update checker.
Removed German translation for Inbox etc to speed up showing data in the list of mails for Sierra.

Version 4.0 beta 4: 24-May-2016

Bug 2910/2911: Fixed 2 crashes when parsing the name of an attachment (new in beta 3).
Bug 2911: Fixed a crash when getting the bundle ID of Filemaker.

Version 4.0 beta 3: 8-May-2016

Feature 2762: Added some information about Filemaker to the FAQ.
Feature 2883: The diagnosis is now much faster.
Feature 2887: Changed the recent items from 5 to 10.
Bug 2684: Attachments are exported to Evernote again.
Bug 2815: Fixed a problem for exporting attachments to Filemaker.
Bug 2825: Fixed an IllegalLockingException when checking an IMAP account.
Bug 2829: Number of mails in the progress window is now correct again.
Bug 2837: Fixed a problem with the diagnosis when the file couldn’t be created.
Bug 2866: Mails are moved to the trash for Mail again.
Bug 2867: Setup and Wizard don’t crash hard anymore.
Bug 2871: Fixed a problem with mails not deleted for IMAP.
Bug 2873: Fixed a problem with the port not being saved correctly.
Bug 2874: When creating a new account getting the mailboxes now works correctly.
Bug 2875: The Wizard now works correctly again for IMAP.
Bug 2879: Fixed a problem with dates not being correct.
Bug 2882: App now quts properly for the scheduler.
Bug 2904: There is no longer an error message when archiving virtual mailboxes like Inbox.

Version 4.0 beta 2: 2-Apr-2016

Feature 2835: The installer now checks that something was installed.
Feature 2848: DockTile is updated less often to make app a bit faster.
Bug 2814: Fixed a problem with the Preferences window hanging the app.
Bug 2816: SSL is now saved correctly when archiving from IMAP.
Bug 2819: Fixed a problem with the version in the preferences.
Bug 2820: Fixed a problem with the size check after installation.
Bug 2822: Fixed a problem with mail dates showing the current date.
Bug 2823: Fixed a had crash making an email client active.
Bug 2824/2825: Fixed a IllegalLockingException/ThreadAlreadyRunningException when clicking too fast on the Check Imap account button.
Bug 2827: Fixed a NilObjectException when getting preferences information.
Bug 2828: Fixed a NilObjectException when getting headers with IMAP.
Bug 2830: Fixed a NilObjectException when converting to v4 preferences format.
Bug 2831: Fixed a NSExceptionMBS whee drawing PDF attachments without pages.
Bug 2832/2855: Having an Exchange account in Mail no longer gives an error message.
Bug 2834: Fixed a permissions problem with the installer.
Bug 2839: The message “no space available” doesn’t occur any longer.
Bug 2841: Fixed a NilObjectException when creating an iterator for a mailbox.
Bug 2842: Removed the option “diagnosis before open”.
Bug 2846: Deactivated StatHat.
Bug 2849: Improved error handling when exporting to Filemaker.
Bug 2850: No reference to port needed anymore when sending mails.
Bug 2851: Fixed a problem where mails were out of date range but should have been archived.
Bug 2852: Fixed the warning icons for mailboxes.
Bug 2854: Fixed a NilOjbectException when getting all mailboxes for IMAP.
Bug 2857: Fixed a NilObjectException when starting MAX the first time.
Bug 2860: It’s now possible to archive from 2 Gmail accounts.
Bug 2862: Open to diagnosis now works again.

Version 4.0 beta 1: 12-Mar-2016

Feature 382: Added German Localization.
Feature 848: Link Trial Extension Window to Annoying Window.
Feature 1329: Improve Imap archiving.
Feature 1755: Improve search time in body.
Feature 1774: Added an uninstaller.
Feature 1805: When export cancelled the app log is very short.
Feature 1941: Improved loading time for large amount of mails.
Feature 1992: Added a filetype for the trial extension file.
Feature 2026: Option "Check Imap" needs to be moved to Email Info tabsheet.
Feature 2027: Check version after installation.
Feature 2336: Data can be written directly to Filemaker.
Feature 2417: When installing show if app already installed.
Feature 2433: Add information to progress window.
Feature 2437: Defer start of archival.
Feature 2472: Improve wizard progress.
Feature 2473: Support multiple Imap accounts.
Feature 2498: Expand Views/All mails by default.
Feature 2533: Made a nicer Trial screen.
Feature 2546: Get Gmail language information.
Feature 2559: Add "Revert to saved" for Setup and Preferences Window.
Feature 2561: Improved retina support when moving windows between screens.
Feature 2587: Make nicer message after registration.
Feature 2594: Update updater to Kaju.
Feature 2597: Add icons to help menu.
Feature 2598: Improve Imap information.
Feature 2625: Remove index for archival.
Feature 2630: Improve base queries to make MAX faster.
Feature 2631: Open Filemaker instead of Valentina files.
Feature 2635: Add Cmd-F back for searching.
Feature 2639: Redo lite version.
Feature 2640: Add account name for Imap.
Feature 2641: When archiving the dock now shows how many mails have been archived.
Feature 2642: Open databases in thread.
Feature 2644: Don't create empty mailboxes.
Feature 2660: Optimize check of bundle id for scheduler.
Feature 2701: Remove old duplidate date fields.
Feature 2704: Speed up getting mailboxes for Mail.
Feature 2713: Show message when accessing contacts.
Feature 2714: Change sockets for sending mails to secure sockets.
Feature 2719: Make moving mails to the trash faster.
Feature 2726: The old date and time fields are now being ignored by Filemaker.
Feature 2738: There is now a message after the dump file has been created.
Feature 2743: Loading dump files is now between 10 and 50 times faster.
Feature 2747: Get header of mail for Mail when checking duplicates.
Feature 2748: Archiving from Mail now uses AppleScript everywhere.
Bug 1715: The progress window now shows up when exporting to mbox.
Bug 2491: Progress window shows correct character instead of ???.
Bug 2502: Change Diagnose to Diagnosis.
Bug 2503: Fixed a hard crash when reading a file.
Bug 2507: Optimized the detection of uuencoded mails.
Bug 2511: Added checks for reading mbox files.
Bug 2539: Fixed a server error when archiving via IMAP from Yahoo.
Bug 2545: Simplified the build process.
Bug 2560: The Preferences can't be opened twice anymore.
Bug 2569: Get content type if image attachment has no name.
Bug 2617: Too many files selectable for Trial license.
Bug 2619: Fixed the focus ring for list of mailboxes.
Bug 2626: Too many child nodes selected when mailboxes had similar names.
Bug 2632: Listbox not sorted correctly for German language.
Bug 2661: Error message shown 3 times in scheduler.
Bug 2663: Getting partial mails is now much faster for large mailboxes.
Bug 2670: Checking imap status for Mail/Exchange not correct.
Bug 2691: Crash on quit for fullscreen in El Capitan.
Bug 2700: Improved cancel time when preparing data.
Bug 2706: The progress window now should finally hide for everybody.
Bug 2720: Mails not moved to the trash.
Bug 2723: The session logs from installer and scheduler were not sent.
Bug 2729: Fixed a problem with the enabling of the menu item "Add mail data to session log".
Bug 2730: File dialogs in El Capitan showed no title.
Bug 2737: After loading a dump there is now a mailbox selected.
Bug 2750: Added a check that the window isn't show above the screen.
Bug 2756: The message body is now being exported again to Evernote in call cases,
Bug 2757: Opening links in Safari works again.
Bug 2758: Fixed an IOException when trying to view attachments.
Bug 2765: Preferences are now converted correctly for version 4.
Bug 2769: When cancelling to open an archive the old archive is no longer closed.
Bug 2789: The time for the Scheduler is now saved correctly to the preferences again.
Bug 2806: The name of the dump file is correct again.
Bug 2812: After clicking "Archive all mailboxes" the mailbox selection is now shown always as disabled again.
Bug 2814: Fixed a problem with the diagnosis not finishing when the temp file for the diagnosis can't be created.

Version: 4.1.1

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