What is new for Mail Archiver X version 4.2?

You can now archive directly to PDF:

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It's now possible to do filtering for the following fields:

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Speed improvements:

  • The list of mails is now fast again. Everything from loading to selecting and adjusting the column widths is very fast.
  • The diagnosis after archival runs faster.
  • Duplicate checking is now a bit faster for Outlook and Mail. For Imap this is more than 10 times faster.

And the rest:

  • Added ability to check/uncheck all IMAP accounts for archiving.
  • Mail Archiver checks for the mail clients if the data has been downloaded. This has been improved for Outlook.
  • Fixed problems with timeout when checking the journal file after crashing.
  • 100.000 mails instead of 10.000 are loaded into the list of mails.
  • The picture viewer has been improved.
  • After checking an Imap account the mailboxes are now loaded in the Setup window.
  • When archiving from Imap the computer doesn't show "not responding" anymore for larger mails.
  • Added an option to log subject and date for tracking problems.

Version: 4.2

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